Tactical Resiliency USA Mission

Our mission at Tactical Resiliency USA is to teach the men and women performing heroically day in and day out to heal traumatic stress related to critical incidents or combat with one another. We can give you a fish and you’ll eat for a day, or we can teach you to fish and you will eat for a lifetime. It is possible to gain tactical resiliency to help you perform at peak optimal levels. Healing the Hero is the way forward to a brighter tomorrow!
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Every first responder, veteran, active duty military service members
are entitled to healthy emotional outcomes, to ensure wellness and longevity.  Our methodology will provide emotionally intelligent first responders and warriors with better interactions with the communities they serve and allow for quality retention of the human assets and retaining institutional knowledge the community and country desperately need.

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Community Outsourcing of Trauma

Our communities outsource trauma to our brave men and women who serve as law enforcement officers, firefighters, paramedics and anyone else putting on a uniform to serve a purpose higher than self every day.

A Positive Outcome

Imagine if our community of first responders, veterans and military never had to struggle with traumatic stress encountered on the job, to include long term health consequences. Imagine if they could re-process unhelpful negative emotions quickly and without ever talking about their current critical incidents or past incidents and within hours of the event versus years later when it becomes problematic. Imagine what it would it look like for their families if suicide or major health problems were off the table.

Stress is the big killer emotionally and physically. The time is here and now with Tactical Resiliency USA, LLC.

Tactical Resiliency USA trains and uses nonclinical interventions consisting of the Tactical Resiliency Peer Rescue Protocol (PRP) for traumatic stress and unhealthy negative emotions of the first responder, active duty military, veteran or person in crisis on a bad scene and the Trauma Resiliency Protocol (TRP) is exclusively for traumatic stress of critical incidents, combat or life stressors.

These non clinical interventions can be learned in approximately 24 hours of training. The best part of the training is that your agency members will heal each other's real world traumatic stressors and triggers of negative emotions in training. Think of Wellness, Subconscious de-Escalation, retention benefits, work-life balance, health longevity, crisis diffusion all wrapped into one.

The non-clinical intervention referred to as Trauma Resiliency Protocol (TRP) was developed for use by a nonprofit founded by TRUSA Founder Dan Jarvis. Arizona State University is conducting a retrospective data analysis on Law Enforcement Data and their veteran data of the TRP.

The Non Clinical Intervention referred to as the Tactical Resiliency Peer Rescue Protocol (PRP) was developed by Dan Jarvis, founder of Tactical Resiliency USA for use specifically after critical incidents, but will also heal past traumatic stressors and unhealthy negative emotions.

About Dan Jarvis

Masters of Public Administration, from Central Michigan University
U.S. Army retired, Sergeant First Class (E-7)
Deputy Sheriff retired
Former U.S. Army Drill Sergeant

Retired Army SFC Dan Jarvis was deployed to a combat zone in Afghanistan in 2011-2012. Shortly after his arrival, he stepped on a pressure plate and detonated an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) five feet from his position on the dismounted patrol. The IED left Dan with a traumatic brain injury. He insisted on continuing to lead his troops but was sidelined for a week by the Battalion surgeon. After weeks of no sleep, as a result of the IED blast, he led his squad on a mission to escort an explosive team to defuse a bomb found by another Platoon. His role in the lead vehicle as the truck commander (TC) was to detect IEDs on the route to ensure safe passage for the other vehicles in the convoy. An undetected IED exploded under the fourth vehicle in the convoy, taking the life of SPC Doug Cordo. Dan felt responsible for losing Doug since finding them as the lead truck commander was his job.
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About Abel Rodriguez

U.S. Army retired, Sergeant First Class (E-7)
7th Special Forces Group
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Management From Columbia Southern University

Abel Rodriguez, a retired combat veteran of the US ARMY Special Forces “Green Beret,” is not just a professional in trauma healing, but also a husband, father, brother, son, and friend. His personal journey has led him to help fellow Veterans and First Responders, guiding them through the Peer Rescue Protocol (PRP) to heal their traumas from the inside out. Abel's belief in this non-clinical intervention stems from his experiences, making him a trusted advocate for optimizing individual human potential.

Abel garnered the trust of the 22Zero founder, Dan Jarvis through his ability to lead clients calmly and respectfully. He is currently working toward mastering his craft for clients, becoming a presenter, and propelling the Tactical Resiliency USA brand into the stratosphere.

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If your agency has a Wellness Grant, you can bring the experts at Tactical Resiliency USA to work with your team on site over a day or a week depending on the number of men and women who need the support. You can select those first responders who have experienced the most significant traumatic events due to their profession. We can provide references upon request that will attest to our work. Your men and women can heal rapidly to get them back to high performing team members.

Dan and Abel are available for speaking engagements

whether personal intimate settings with your corporate teams or a large venue such as a keynote event. Dan has done keynote speaking and training presentations for Law Enforcement, and Fire Fighter venues addressing officer wellness, tactical resiliency and more as well as corporate speaking opportunities.

Emotionally Strong, Spiritually Healthy and Tactically Resilient